Thando Creative is a boutique creative studio which specialises in helping businesses grow and make an impact that matters.  We’re a small friendly team based in Harare, Zimbabwe and occasionally near Brighton in the UK. We believe in creating strategies, design and content which matters.   

Thando Creative believes in possibilities and magic, and in telling beautiful stories. We are Zimbabwean, and British. And we believe that geography and that boundaries that separate us don’t matter as much any more. Our name grew from the name Thando, which means love.  We love design, we love creativity. We love language. We love brands that matter and want to make a difference and we love working with them to achieve distinctive and personalised solutions.

We love Africa and her possibilities and optimism, we believe that the future starts now and we want to work with organisations who believe in the future. We love Europe and her history and culture and freedom. We believe in doing what matters. That means we love to work with ideas and organisations who want to make a difference, to change things, no matter how big or small. It’s your stories which will help to build a better world. 

Your brand is at the heart of everything you do

But does anyone else know who you are and what you stand for? We believe that brand is more than just a logo and stationary (although we do those too!). Your brand is the core of your organisation, and everything (from your website, to your products) should align with that central purpose.  Crafting a brand which resonates with your target audience is a complex task and Thando Creative can help you to discover what matters to your audience so that you can continue with the other things that matter in your life.

Design that matters

We believe that graphic design is more than just making something look pretty. We create consistent visual materials across print and digital mediums. We will work with you to create something that looks good and makes a positive and measurable impact with your audience.  Our work spans logos and corporate branding (stationary, business cards, compliment slips, signage, reports, infographics), marketing (advertising, posters, flyers, prospectuses, catalogues, websites), events (conferences, banners, takeaways). If you have an idea, or would like something, then contact us, and we can bring it to life.

Content that captures attention

Copywriting is crafting works and content to tell a story. We will base our content on your stories, creating a message that you and your audience can believe in. We have experience in communications and in creating press releases, editing, proofing and creating content for reports, corporate documents, marketing materials, websites/SEO and social media. Let us tell your story.

Social media that resonates

In today’s world, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of social media, we can work with you to create and curate a digital content and social media calendar. We can work with you on creating videos, imagery, and establishing and maintaining a consistent voice online.